Success Stories

The relationship I have with my patients are authentic and raw. From being unheard and frustrated, women are no longer suffering in silence. I acknowledge their deepest concerns, empower them with evidence-based natural alternatives, and watch them thrive. These breakthroughs speak for themselves.


I have to thank my husband for the fact that I found Dr Jean!

There was a segment on Ch 69 news that he said I needed to see!

It was about hormone replacement therapy.

I was so glad that he saw this and made me watch it. 

That woman talking could have been me! I have to say that I had spoken to my family doctor many times asking if he can somehow help me to lose weight. 

I would get the same reply each time “eat less”. My eating habits honestly were/are not bad. I was and always have been active. I go to the gym, bike riding and walk…

However I could just not lose the weight that I seemed to keep packing on. What is wrong with me! That’s all I kept thinking to myself.

I found that what I needed was to speak to a woman doctor who understood what I was going through. Dr. Jean was just that doctor! She listened very carefully to me understood what I needed. Dr Jean put a plan together to help me lose weight, have more energy, make my mood swings almost non existent and sleep the best I have in years. 

It’s funny because I have not changed much of what I eat or do and I have lost over 25 pounds since May of 2017. All I needed was someone to listen and someone who understands a woman’s body. Dr. Jean found that my vitamin D level was almost non existent, my testosterone and hormone levels were badly out of the range that they should have been in. She already knew these things before I ever took my blood and saliva tests just from what I was telling her about myself!

I am so happy to say that I have been in her program now for about 7 months and have seen such an improvement in my overall wellbeing and health. I think my husband is very glad I also took this step! 

Anytime someone sees me and says how good I look I give the credit where the credit is due, to Dr. Jean. I have passed out her card to numerous friends who are in the same situation I was in. I do hope they follow up with a phone call and appointment because I know they will be as happy as I am!

Thank you Dr Jean! You are amazing!
— Jacqueline L.
After struggling with symptoms of menopause I resolved to find a doctor specializing in  bioidentical  hormone replacement therapy. 
Dr. Jean was very helpful in explaining how BHRT works. We would discuss how I felt as treatment progressed, Dr. Jean listened and made adjustments based on our discussions.
I also like how easy it is to contact Dr. Jean. She is always very prompt at returning my email. 
I feel so much better! My hot flashes and night sweats have been alleviated.  My joint pain has been diminished and my vaginal dryness has improved. 
I highly recommend Dr. Jean to my friends and family.
— Bethany A
Knowing the impact of hormones in all aspects of life and having been successfully and unsuccessfully on BIH prior, I wanted a doctor that specialized specifically on treating and optimizing this aspect of my healthcare. A better understanding of how BIH can (and can’t) help in my overall healthcare. I think it is important to understand the limitations as much as the benefits of BIH in relation to me as an individual especially given two autoimmune diseases. I needed a holistic approach and had several needs to consider in addition to the hormone therapy. I required someone who would request the right tests, create a plan with me collaboratively, all the while seeing me as a unique and changing individual throughout the process. She learns me and she guides me. This isn’t the typical medical doctor. I appreciate the collaborative effort - my input is necessary, heard, and considered. Additionally (if I don’t lose the electronic link), I can contact her and receive answers and feedback within the same day. She listens, is caring, informed, flexible in changing directions when necessary and available to me in a timely fashion by phone or email. A specialized women’s doctor ‘on call’ for me.
— Wanda W.
Dr. Jean is such a caring and professional physician. I am very pleased in how it was very easy to communicate with her because she truly listens. She is relatable and empathetic. I fully trust Dr. Jean and wholeheartedly recommend her!
— Dr. N. Diallo
I would like to take a moment and express my gratitude for Dr Kimberly Jean. She took the time to listen to all my symptoms n concerns. She invested a lot of time and energy to running all the necessary tests and finding the answers that I needed. She was always available for my questions and took time to explain everything in great detail. She prescribed top quality supplements. Very refreshing to find such a compassionate doctor who truly wants to find the answers and give you the help you need. I can’t thank you enough Dr. Jean.
— Rhonda
I am one of six sisters. We are all going through menopause at the same time. We have all tried many different medications, alternatives to relief the symptoms that come along with the changes. What we all experienced with pharmaceutical medications were worse than the symptoms from menopause. All I continued to hear from my sisters and others was the overarching distrust of a medical system perceived as dismissive of their concerns and overly reliant on pharmaceuticals products that have so many side effects. One of my sisters tried a Bioidentical hormone therapy that actually worked for her. After months of misery with lack of sleep due to the hot flashes, night sweats, irritability and mood swings I reached out to Dr. Jean Kimberly.

The biggest change for me has been the ability to sleep without having to wake up five to six times a night with hot flashes and night sweats. Dr. Jean provided me with a hormone replacement treatment plan that works for me. In addition by being on the accurate hormone medication I was able to lose the weight I gained while on pharmaceutical medication.

Working with Dr. Jean has been a blessing for me. Not only is she thorough and understanding but she is also well-informed in bio identical studied.

Dr. Jean’s knowledge of women’s health and of bio-identical hormones is what turned my health around. She is detailed, educated and will work with you to get you back on track and provide you with the best care and natural medicine that will work with your changes.
— Angela R.


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