What Exactly is Integrative Medicine?

Since telling my patients about the opening of my Integrative/Holistic practice re: Reproductive and Fertility Wellness at ReVitaJuve, many of them have asked " What exactly is Integrative/Holistic Medicine?" The terms Integrative Medicine and Holistic Medicine have been used interchangeably. Many people think its an issue of semantics. They are not synonymous.

Holistic Medicine promotes the belief that the mind-body-spirit must be treated as whole to achieve a harmonious healing. Integrative Medicine takes into account the three elements as well, including lifestyle. It, also, uses all therapies including conventional and holistic. Below are the 8 Principles of Integrative Medicine taken from Doctors Victoria Maizes and Andrew Weil from the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine that I practice by:

The Eight Principles of Integrative Medicine

1. The patient and practitioner are partners in the healing process.

2. Take into consideration all factors that influence health, wellness, and disease.

3. Use conventional and alternative methods appropriately to facilitate the body’s innate healing response.

4. Use natural and less invasive interventions whenever possible.

5. Neither reject conventional medicine nor accept alternative medicine uncritically.

6. Good medicine is based in good science.

7. Health promotion and prevention go along with treatment. 8. Physicians should walk their talk.

Here are reasons why I decided the field of Integrative/ Holistic Medicine was right for me

  1. Integrative/Holistic Medicine is healing oriented medicine. I whole-hardheartedly believe that my patient is my partner in her healing process. She is the expert of her body. I am an expert by way of years of research, medical knowledge, and experience. I am not only her supporter, but also, her guide to her natural healing path and biggest advocate.

  2. Medicine is just more than a 7-minute visit that by permitted by insurance companies. I strive to delve deeper by getting to know my patient as a whole, examining her diet, sleep, and lifestyle practices.

  3. I want to be able to offer my patients more than just a prescription. I want them to learn and gain the benefits of natural methods of healing which include supplements, herbs/botanicals, Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), Ayurveda,  mind-body medicine, and bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT).

  4. I want to teach my patients holistic methods to women's wellness for their complex hormonal issues that will help them overcome fertility difficulties, painful periods, and graceless aging.

What does Integrative Medicine mean to you?